Monday, 27 October 2014

Ask-a-Techie episode 3

The Ask-a-Techie's 3rd episode is now available to watch at
Episode 4 will be announced shortly and will be recorded towards the end of October.

Topics covered (click time to jump to them)
00:00 Welcome and Introduction to Panel (Episode 3! not 4 - sorry)
00:45 When you set up an assignment submission folder on the KLE you have to allocate it points...what do these points mean and what do they contribute to?
01:43 Can you talk us through how to use the self and peer assessment function on the KLE?
07:13 If you append a feedback file to a student assignment which has been submitted via the KLE - can you show us the student view to see how the students retrieve and access their feedback? (43:22 Part 2)
11:29-31:53 GMail - Google Email
-- 11:40 Is there a way that I can visibly see that I have responded to an email in google mail without checking sent folder?
-- 17:10 Can I change the default search on gmail? I search for a name, but by default it will search​ for all emails that 'include the' name. I'd like to change the default so it searches for emails 'from' that name only.
-- 18:48 How can I work on my computer with my Keele Google account and my private google account - I keep getting logged in to the wrong account
-- 21:40 [what are your] top tips for managing emails?
31:53 Can I suggest an addition to Google Glass - Smart watches?! A colleague has one of those and the camera on it is so unobtrusive that I can easily see students using this to record teaching sessions.
35:20 Management of my students consultation slots (some call them ‘surgery hours’, or ‘office hours’) using google calendars (or another google app?)
45:05 Please discuss: Data security for teaching staff working with laptops [and other portable tech]
49:20 Can I somehow protect the calendar icon (only) on the homescreen of my ipad/I phone from the fingers of a five year old?
52:49 How can you present from an iPad?
56:02 Tech news (Google Drive, CPDA Copyright on image use in presentations, Samsung Laptops in Europe and Apple Watch)

Resources in relation to the tools discussed at 01.43 can be found at these links, the group peer assessment tool webPA and the self and peer assessment tool in the KLE

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