Saturday, 29 November 2014

Using voting technology to engage large groups of Nursing students, By Emma Collins

The approach taken and why

The Pre-Registration Nursing (Adult Field) has large group numbers 100+. Although lecturers try and teach in smaller groups sometimes students are taught in their larger groups. A challenge with all large classes is making the lecture engaging,interactive and to utilise different teaching methods. As part of my module Teaching and learning with Technology I was introduced to the classroom voting systems. A component of the module was a Technology Project whereby you were required to implement technology within your teaching. I chose "voting systems" The research project, I designed , implemented and evaluated voting systems within my teaching. I chose Turning point voting system because it was already installed within the CEC .

I used it first for small class teaching only 6 questions. Then utilised it as part of a quiz with 100+students. The quiz lasted 40 minutes with 25 questions. Multiple choice questions devised


  • Students and lecturers were engaged 
  • Students were enthusiastic, motivated
  • Students became competitive about the results
  • Visual results after voting, giving instant feedback for the student
  • Results table collated at the end 
  • Students can personally identify their areas for development 
  • Innovative way to review student knowledge, check student understanding. 
  • If themes,trends appear , eg lack of understanding, lecturer can revisit either during the session or plan to revisit another time.


There were no particular unexpected outcomes, however I would do a test question first, so students can check their clicker is in working order.Timings, when in large groups allow time to answer questions, however you can set timers for responses. 


Practice!.When using for the first time within teaching session , use with a small group, with a few questions only. If unable to practise with small group , practise with colleagues.

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