Thursday, 18 September 2014

Ask-a-Techie episode 1

Keele Learning Technology Staff answer questions put to them by colleagues at Keele

Published on 5 Aug 2014
Pilot episode from the Learning Technologies Advisory Group (LTAG)
00:00 - Welcome and Intro
01:03 - How to customise a Course HomePage in the KLE?
11:08 - Alternatives to Mediator - mobile friendly non-flash alternative to create learning packages
17:23 - What screen-capture type products would the panel recommend to allow us to create longer videos which we can edit (eg to use pointers, add annotation, use zoom)
20:43 - The new double-marking feature in Blackboard looks very useful, but how do we integrate it with Turnitin? Or should we stick to Grademark, which seems to have better marking tools as well as plagiarism checking, but no double marking?
24:25 - FRustrated Users Information Technology [FRUIT] mobile signal group asks... Q When are we going to have a decent mobile phone reception on campus? or is it a deliberate policy to avoid exposure to potentially harmful microwaves?
28:17 - Not sure if this is the right environment to ask this but... will it be possible to access the S Drive from outside the university?
33:44 - Are there any future plans to potentially move away from Terminal 4 and use a different form of content management system(s) that would allow more features etc?
35:40 - Close

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